Showtiques Crafts, INC.


Who We Are

   At Showtiques Crafts, Inc. we are focused on providing  events for vendors with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

   Showtiques Crafts, Inc. began in 1969 as a promoter of antiques and collectibles expos.  As public interest turned to crafts and artisan products, Showtiques expanded its focus and, in the 1980s, introduced a limited schedule of craft fairs and art shows.  Gaetan B., the current owner with nearly 30 years of experience working within the "show circuit," took over in 2014 and now feature an annual schedule of nearly 40 events across Long Island.  Since 1986 and through the various transitions and evolutions of this industry,  Gaetan has been present and actively involved in many aspects of the company; now being the new owner contains a new vision for the future of the company.

Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope to see you again! 

Why Us?

    Our goal is to organize events that are beneficial to everyone most in need of economic success:  local merchants, small businesses, entrepreneurs, artisans and crafters, and community organizations.  We strive to utilize all available resources to make people aware of our events and to make the events attractive and exciting to the public.  

     Of course, making them aware doesn't mean we can make them come and certainly doesn't mean we can make them spend their money.  To that end, we view our relationship with our vendors and participants as a cooperative effort...just as we build relationships and rapports with the vendors and with a customer base, we strongly recommend that exhibitors do the same and utilize the show circuit as a "floating" retail location.  Make your product interesting, unique, and attractive, and build a customer base founded on relationships with your public.  As for our part, we keep our prices as low as possible, offer early sign-up incentives, and we are always accessible to offer advice and assistance.  

   We do not ever charge additional fees for late (or even day-of) registrations, we charge no "membership" or annual fees, and we absorb all the service charges for credit card payment rather than passing them on to our vendors.